Professional Practice Examination Part III

Registration of Candidates For Part III Professional Practice Examination –2020/2021

According to the membership criteria of the ITPSL, successful completion of the Part III examination conducted by the Board of Education (BOE) of the institute is a prerequisite to obtain the Corporate Membership of the Institute. 


The candidate should be an Associate Member of the Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka.


Duly filled online application should be submitted on or before 4th August 2020 along with the scan copies of
• Payment receipt of the application processing fee of LKR 500.
• Associate membership certificate/Membership Confirmation Letter Issued by the Institute


Application Processing Fee Payments shall be made to account no 0002327056 of Bank of Ceylon, Hyde Park in favor of Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka.


The selected candidates will be registered for the Part III examination, upon the payment of the Examination Fee of Rs.10,000/-. The examination is scheduled for the 09th January 2021.


Upon the registration, the candidates are required to download the BOE examination procedure 2020/2021 and are advised to go through thoroughly.

Examination procedure


The Centre for Urban Regional Planning (CURP) of the Institute will conduct a course to guide the candidates for the ITPSL Part III examination, commencing from 22nd of August 2020. Even though the participation in the course is not compulsory, all candidates will have to fulfill assessments through workshops and assignments, required by the examination criteria. Certificate of Completion of such assessments shall be submitted for the Examination. For further details on the guide course please refer the ITPSL website.


Hony. Secretary

Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka


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