ITPSL Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the ITPSL for the year 2019 will be held on March 29, 2019, followed by the Annual Sessions and members' get-together, which will be held on the same day. The details are circulated among the membership.

Higher Diploma in Urban Planning (Part II Examination)

The inaugural session of the Higher Diploma in Urban Planning was held on March 16, 2019 at Construction Equipment Training Centre (CETRAC), Pelawatta.


The ITPSL has issued a circular to all its members regarding the planning certification for the Land Subdivision, Amalgamation etc. Please follow the link to access the details.

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ITPSL Corporate Building: Progress of construction

These five cities are taking bold steps to rein in sprawl

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...Sprawl is bad for climate, bad for our health, bad for our sanity, and bad for our wallets. In 2018 congestion cost the average American nearly 100 hours and more than $1,300, according to INRIX, a traffic research firm. In some other countries the problem is even worse.

In the April issue of National Geographic magazine, which is devoted to cities, I write about efforts to fix sprawl. I focused on people and places that are trying to walk back this fundamental error of the past, not just because it makes economic or environmental sense, but because we want cities to be places we love to live.

Peter Calthorpe is a pioneer of the New Urbanism, an urban design movement that’s been combatting sprawl in the U.S. for decades. “You know what cities are in essence?” he said to me one morning, as we sat in traffic on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. “They're about shared space.”

“You know, instead of a private yard, you have a great park. Instead of spending all your time in your living room, you spend time at the pub or the café. Instead of driving your own car, you use transit. But to make that competitive, all those things need to be high quality. Otherwise it probably is better to escape into your private little bubble.”

The purpose of cities is to get us out of our bubbles and bring us together. Here are five cities that are trying hard to do better:... [read more]

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A Brief History of U.S. City Planning

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Young Planners' Forum


The Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka (ITPSL) was established under the provisions of Parliament Act No 23 of 1986 is the professional body responsible for enhancing the Town Planning Profession in Sri Lanka. The Institute was brought into existence to promote the profession of Town & Country Planning in Sri Lanka and to enhance the standard of the profession in the country in keeping with global trends and developments in this field. The Institute also plays a lead role in expressing its professional opinion on matters directly and indirectly concerned with urban and regional development of Sri Lanka and has offered its advice and services to the Government, Semi Government Institutions as well as Provincial and Local Authorities.