Short Course on Condominium Development

August 05, August 12, August 19, August 26, and September 02, 2017

Conducted by Center for Urban and Regional Planning, ITPSL

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The Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka established under the Parliament Act number 23 of 1986.

The Institute has been established with the following objectives:

(a) to promote and advance the science and art of town planning in all its aspects;

(b) to raise and uphold the dignity and reputation of the town planning profession in Sri Lanka and to extend its usefulness to the advantage of the public;

(c) to serve as a liaison between the town planning profession in Sri Lanka and of town planning bodies abroad;

(d) to make available a professional opinion in town planning to the Government and other agencies in Sri Lanka and overseas when such advice is sought;

(e) to protect and promote the interests, status, welfare, rights and privileges of its members, and the interests of the public in relation to the profession of town planning;

(f) to promote and regulate the work of the town planning profession as practiced or likely to be practiced in Sri Lanka;

(g) to assist in the acquisition of the most up-to-date information relating to town planning and to ensure the adoption of the most effective town planning methods, practices and procedure in Sri Lanka;

(h) to further research and all such other activities as many contribute to the advancement of the knowledge and practice of town planning;

(i) to promote the aesthetic, economic, scientific and social development of urban and rural areas in the best interests if the community;

(j) to collaborate with any other Higher Educational institution referred to in the Universities Act, No.16 of 1978 or other recognized educational institution in the furtherance of town planning education;

(k) to increase the confidence of the community in the employment of recognized educational town planners by admitting to the Corporation only such persons who have satisfied the Council of the Corporation that they have acquired adequate knowledge both in the theory and the practice of town planning;

(l) to provide opportunities for the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge in respect of town planning and allied subjects, and to establish, regulate and maintain libraries and other appropriate media for the acquisition and dissemination of such knowledge;

(m) to prescribe qualifications and disqualifications for membership of the Corporation, and the standards of professional conduct to be maintained by the members of the Corporation;

(n) generally to do all such acts and things as are necessary for, or incidental conducive to the carrying out or the attainment of, the objects of the Corporation.